Team Information:

         We as a team (most of us) are all minors, are under the age of 18. We all love Airsoft and its realism, but we have noticed that the perception of Airsoft has become a bunch of adolescent children with plastic guns running around. DWAST's goal is to create a more professional image for Airsoft, and mainly, a professional image of minors engaging in the game of Airsoft. We would love to be able to break that image of professional teams being adults with our team. We have learned that teamwork is the golden rule to victory; expensive gear helps, but when in the field, your skill is the most valuable asset you could have.

        We use medium to high efficient AEGs, such as Classic Army, ARES, G&G, and KWA. We try to keep an authentic military impression by only purchasing fully MOLLE compatible platforms, such as plate carriers, and stand alone body armor and rigs.  We train with military tactics and communications. Our competitive team is extremely small however, but hopefully with our  influence, more people will discover the great sport of Airsoft and fall in love with it as we have.

How do I Join?

Please title the message as “HI I WANT TO JOIN DWAST.”  Hope to see you in the field soon!



We are located in Sacramento CA We play all around the Sacramento valley. Have a question? Email us.

(please tittle all emails with "DWAST"

2 Swimmer Head sets for sale: $25 each

Call Austin or Ryan about them. PTT systems not included.

AEX does sell PTT now for $20. Check your radio for pin type before purchasing a PTT.



This is the least expensive option for patches. I do not know why these are so pricey, but thats how it is. Email me if you want one

 All banner art and page art is orginal by Ryan Inamine (Captain of DarkWolf)

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