What is DarkWolf?

DarkWolf is a small  as of 10/20/10, 6 players) mildly competitive, but serious Airsoft team for minors (15 to 100 years old). We except all, but are looking for kids looking to start or mildly experienced players so we can spread Airsoft into the California that does not appreciate it to our level. We specialize in Milsim, or military based play style with squad tactics, radio directives and tactical training.

We play around the California valley in places like Yuba City, Galt, Sierras, Sacramento and many others. We are stationed in Sacramento so a lot of games take place within an hour’s drive from the city. All practices held within city limits as well. We currently are competing in team tournaments at Ukau’s.

Minor games are held at Blue Canyon Airsoft, Ukau’s, Yuba Battleground, CQB city and a selection of private games held by us and other teams around the Sacramento Valley.

What do I need to be a Wolf?

A high performance AEG, (Classic Army, G&G, ARES) or at minimum, a high quality Clone (ECHO1, ICS, A&K) if you want (highly recommend) you can by a side arm, our team platform is an M9. All pistols must be BLOWBACK GG. We prefer GG guns over CO2 so we can share ammunition on the field.

All gear, kneepads to back packs are all OD! (olive drab) This is a MUST! You will need a fully MOLLE compatible plate carrier or chest rig. This means no integrated mag pouches. Those $35-55 deluxe vests are out of the question. To keep our on field performance flexible and unique, custom MOLLE units are required. This means your going to have to by a blank platform, (plate carrier, and tac vest or chest rig) then pouches for mags, radio and other gear and patches to mark you as a friendly. This all comes out to a little over the price of an unoriginal, unauthentic and non customizable tac vest.

Uniforms are key. We all wear the same uniform for team identification and balance. A uniform consists of a full ACU, ACU helmet cover and OD helmet (MICH) please no delta helmets or ski helmets. If you cannot afford a full ACU, you can buy just the pants, NO just jackets!

Safety gear is the most important and needed to play as a wolf. Clear combat goggles. (NO ski goggles! Impairs vision when playing at night.)  Sunglasses, OD knee pads, combat gloves and black or NAM OD combat boots.

This sounds expensive, is it worth it?

DarkWolf is a BLAST. We are not highly competitive, but are, at the same time very serious about Airsoft. You can get a high performance AEG for well under $300, a uniform and gear for $100 and a lot of magazines for your gun for about $45.

This is pricy, but you don’t have to buy it all at once. Worry about your gun first. Then some mags and basic gear. Then all the rest.

What will I do when I join?

We have practices at least once every week. As being expect into the team, we expect you to be there. We do not enjoy listening to kids gripe and whine. We will punish kids for being incompliant and uncooperative. (rarely happens were all nice! :D)

Please keep in mind that we are a team. You are not a one man army or Rambo. Our team works around team effort and training, work as a team and die with friends, work alone and die alone.

How do I Join?

Email me! Address is below to avoid spammers. Please title the message as “HI I WANT TO JOIN DWAST” my inbox is a mess this helps me weed out applicants. Hope to see you in the field soon!



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